Log Entry 120919.19

Last night, I heard it again. I woke up in the middle of the night to hear those familiar little noises. I crept out of bed, picking up my torch on the way, and stood on the chair, all in total darkness of course.
Gently, I eased the grill off the vent opening and peered into the inky gloom. I couldn't see a thing so I lit the torch and leant further into the void and shone its beam down either end of the shaft.
To the left was completely clear, but to the right... something was there. I strained my eyes to make it out. It appeared to be a shadow. I teased it with the beam. It was moving. I gasped. It stopped and turned to face me! A huge pair of brilliant green eyes shone out like searchlights! I gasped and leapt back in surprise, knocking the chair from under my feet, and fell backwards smashing my spine on the damned chair!
In agony, I managed to claw my way back onto the bed where I collapsed, staring at the vent opening. For a moment, I half expected it to come after me, but it didn't so I just lay there, staring at the gaping hole.
First visit of the day therefore, is Sick Bay.
What am I going to tell the Doctor?

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