Log Entry 120917.17

The latest reports regarding the USS Earhart are somewhat disturbing. Science Crews investigating the ship have confirmed that there is no organic matter to be found aboard the ship of any kind: no animal life, no plants or insects; not even bacteria have survived. It is as though the ship has been subjected to some form of baryon sweep, eradicating and sterilising everything in its path.
Ship's logs have been scrutinised but only serve to prove that whatever it was that happened did so without warning. Even personal logs reveal nothing, often stopping mid-sentence, so all we do know is the time the tragedy occurred. In theory, this will give the investigating team the ability to work out exactly where she was in Quadrant 624, and maybe this will give some indication as to events.
It has been theorised that a weapon was to blame, but if it was a weapon, why hasn't it been used again in the fourteen months since the Earhart's disappearance?
In the meantime, the future of the ship hangs in the balance. She may be fully functional, but who would want to serve aboard a ghost ship? Who would want to command her? A change of name has been proposed but that hasn't been warmly welcomed either. The USS Earhart was named in recognition of Amelia Earhart's achievements in aviation. To change her name may be considered a slight upon Ms Earhart. Scrapping has also been suggested, but she's barely seven years old. It will be interesting to see what they decide.
Noises in the Jeffries Tubes continue. Definitely going to Engineering today to see if I can find out why.

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