Log Entry 120904 .06

Oh my goodness! I am sooooo tired. I have literally only just come off duty. I have been up all night in the Jeffries Tubes with a team of engineers. It all started yesterday when I was completing the log entries for the inspections I had undertaken for Engineering. Everything was hunky-dory and I was just about to finish my shift when an alarm began to sound. Engineers suddenly went into overdrive and a team were hastily despatched to the Jeffries Tubes on Deck C. Someone barked at me to grab a couple of maintenance kits, which I did and followed. Before I knew it, there were five of us in the Jeffries Tubes checking out a major fault with... something-or-other. I kept thinking I should keep out of their way but as demands for various tools and equipment kept flying around, I just kept shuffling about between the two parties like the dogsbody that I am.
It was after about half an hour that Lieutenant Bryant looked up and exclaimed, "You're not one of my team!" I said, no, but I'm just doing as I'm told and passed him the inverter he had asked for. He looked at the inverter and then asked me my name.
"Terran, sir," I said and he scowled and said, "I asked your name, not your race," so I had to explain that it was both my name and my race. He seemed to mellow a bit then, but I think that had more to do with the fact they had finally identified the cause of the problem. The guys then worked all through the night.
At one point, Bryant said I could go, but I looked at the others. Bearing in mind we were five people in a confined space with no airflow, we were a right bunch of hot, sweaty, smelly and thirsty individuals, so I said okay but suggested I get some liquid refreshments for everyone first. Everybody thought that was a wonderful idea so I disappeared off and came back with water in emergency ration bottles—the anti-spill kind of course (yes, I even thought of that) and then I just got caught up in the whole affair again--holding this or pushing that.
Eight hours it took in total, seven before the airflow was restored and by the time we finally crawled out of there, we were all so bedraggled. Lieutenant Bryant logged my attendance and signed me off duty for the next shift I was assigned to, and now I'm going to bed. No, scratch that. I'm going to have a shower and then I'm going to bed!
Night all!

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