Log Entry 120911.12

Despite feeling rather rough this morning (engineers have been tinkering about in the Jeffries Tubes all night again), I'm quite excited. We're on our way to a little planet called Dirria. It's a rather quaint little M-Class planet with a single continent that is covered in tropical rainforests. The cities are very reminiscent of the Mayan architecture with square, terraced buildings, ornate stonework and lots of rectangular green lawns. The people are fascinating too. They have a very rich culture filled with custom and traditions.
Most people have never heard of Dirria but I know it quite well (although I've never been there) because a few years ago, I was in a foster home with a young Dirrian boy called Traeth.
Treath's parents had been killed in a shuttle accident and he was in care while his family were being located. He didn't get on very well with the other kids because of his strange mannerisms but Traeth and I became firm friends. He told me all about his planet's rich culture and strange customs, and his descriptions were so vivid that he didn't need to show me the pictures he had. Traeth and I lost touch when he went back home but I still remember everything he told me about his world and I'd love to see it first hand.
I don't know if I'll be able to go to the surface but if I don't ask about the possibility of a bit of R & R there, I definitely won't get there.
As to why the Drakonia is on its way there, we have been sent to negotiate the acquisition of carva seeds, the active ingredient in the treatment of Pygarian Influenza. For most, this illness is not lethal but there are a number of races for whom it is very serious. For these people, the young and the old are most susceptible and mortalities are often high. An outbreak of Pygarian Influenza on an Andorian cruiser, that was not diagnosed until after it reached Andoria, means there is a very serious situation there.
I'll be honest though, I'm not hopeful that I will be able to visit, or any of the crew for that matter. As I understand it, the Dirrians are unimpressed by most other races, finding them brash and overbearing. Whatever, it's going to require a delicate hand to negotiate with the Dirrians.
Well, I have to get on with things. If I get a moment today though, I might just stop off at Engineering and see if I can find out what's going on in the Jeffries Tubes. If my curiosity is sated, I expect I'll be able to ignore the noises and sleep more soundly.

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