Log Entry 120902.03

Yes!!! I'm off the night watch!
Apparently, my handling of the Belinian Spider Moth did not go unnoticed. (I didn't like to tell anyone that my first instinct was to swot it!) As a result of this, I have been given new duties. Okay, so it's not very glamorous, but I'm now part of the Maintenance Team which means... I get to meet people! At last.
The down side is that having been starved of company for so long, I'm in danger of being little more than a gibbering idiot. The fact I'm so excited doesn't help either, but I've just got to keep it together and not babble. So, where am I off to now? I'm fixing one of the turbo lifts with an Ensign from Engineering. I suspect he/she will let me do little more than carry the toolbox, but it's a start!

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