Log Entry 120910.11

Oh...! My...! God...!
I have just met Captain Burrows and he is absolutely ENORMOUS!
He's human but stands over two metres tall and is probably just as wide. It's not fat though; he's pure muscle from head to toe, but he's built like a bull!
He stepped into the turbo lift and it was like someone had turned the lights off. He positively dominated the space!
"Good afternoon, Crewman," he said.
"Good afternoon, sir," I replied.
"Captain Burrows, but you probably worked that one out for yourself," he smiled.
"Yes sir. Crewman Terran, sir."
"Ah, yes. I've heard all about you."
Oh bugger, I thought.
"Nothing good I hope, sir."
He looked at me.
"Don't you mean bad, Crewman?"
"Er, yes sir, I do. Sorry sir."
Thankfully, at that point the doors opened and the Captain stepped out leaving the lemon alone to stew in her own embarrassment.

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