Log Entry 120903.05

This morning, I have enjoyed my first meal in company since I came aboard the Drakonia. It's not anybody's fault it's been that way. It's just that with my old shift pattern, I always hit the galley when nobody was there. Now though, I don't. There's always someone around and this morning, having fetched my breakfast, a couple of Crewmen called me over and suggested I join them.
Crewman Alice Johnson works in the cargo bay and on the hanger decks while Crewman Midas Yarrow is in Maintenance, like me.
Alice, or Al as we call her, is a bubbly, blond girl, heavily muscled and yet still very feminine despite being as strong as an ox. She says it's something she gets from her Klingon ancestry (although there seems to be nothing Klingon about her at all--no sign of brow ridges and she's only a little bit over five feet tall).
Midas too, is of mixed blood. He's part Vulcan which gives him a slightly impish appearance with his delicately pointed ears, but it's not just his appearance that makes me say that. He has a devilish sense of humour and is quite charming with it.
They've not said anything, but I suspect that their relationship is a little more than just friendship. They keep casting each other secretive glances, but they still made me feel very welcome.
Finally, things are starting to come together.

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