Log Entry 150904.154

Come morning, I awoke to find my mailbox stuffed to the gunnels with incoming messages. Fear struck to the heart of me. To have so many messages in such a short space of time did not bode well, but as I opened the first one, both relief and joy filled me. The Earhart had received new orders and her crew was being recalled, myself amongst them, not that I had expected anything else. I was to report for duty in three days time at which point we would depart.
The messages that followed were from the various Academy departments with whom I was scheduled to sit exams over the forthcoming days. They contained details of the extensive provisions that had been made so that I could complete my current course agenda and its examinations. The practical tests, where there was no opportunity for cheating (by my taking the exams before other students), were being rescheduled for me to complete before I left, while the remainder I would be taking under examination conditions aboard the Earhart.
I was astounded! It was unheard of that the Academy would change examination arrangements like this, but I had no time to debate it. I had places to be ... and now!