Log Entry 160922.195

Traeth and Rutter had nabbed the task of preparing the evening meal, eager to have something to do. They were determined to make something tasty so had spent the afternoon fishing in the river. Despite their limited equipment, they had five rather sorry looking fish to show for their efforts. We were quite impressed that they had managed to catch anything at all, but what could they do with such a measly catch? Both assured us that they could make something of them so Al and I, neither of us being known for our culinary prowess, wandered off.
We decided to explore the village again, not that there was anything new to see. We'd done it to death, as they say.
There was still no sign of the villagers. If anything, the cats seemed to be taking over. That's what kept convincing me that the people would return—the cats, that is.
The inhabitants obviously thought a lot of these felines because they were all so well fed and beautifully groomed, and it was evident that they lived here. The cats were quite at home, jumping in and out of the little huts to nap. I was sure the people would return soon.

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