Log Entry 160919.192

Elevensies came and not a moment too soon. There was so little to do in the village. We had explored it from one end to the other countless times and nothing changed other than the cats. They were getting quite brave now and wandered in and out as though checking on us.
We braved heating some water using a phaser and made a hot drink, which was very refreshing after the cold beverages of the morning. Tom joined us, as usual, and again I picked him up and fussed him. He was becoming more and more receptive to my cuddles although, when Rutter challenged me again as to how I knew he was a boy and I tipped him up to check his tackle, the look on Tom's face was veritably indignant.
"See!" I exclaimed, pointing out Tom's jewels. "He's a boy!"
Tom wasn't very impressed by that at all and soon struggled out of my arms. He accepted another soothing stroke, though, before he ambled off indignantly, his tale high in the air.

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