Log Entry 150328.142

The two days passed quickly. I was able to get Lizzy's pass code to her datapad just as I had anticipated, so spent the time studying the files with such intensity that I neglected to go to bed.
I skipped all my lessons too. What would be the point of them if I was thrown out of the Academy? And I ended up turning my room into something like a criminal investigation centre from some old detective story because the thing about a datapad is that you can't have lots of pages viewing at the same time. I ended up replicating some good old-fashioned paper and coloured pens. With them, I jotted down the points of interest and then stuck them to the walls. I've discovered that pen and paper are a medium that offers wonderful flexibility. You can scribble, amend and add notes in big letters or small print, draw arrows and mood doodles (sad faces, smilies and little yellow light bulbs for the odd epiphany), and you can colour code things to highlight links. When the time came, I was ready. At least, I felt ready.

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