Log Entry 121016.28

Commander Jarrod was right. The Captain is furious and has ordered a high-level scan of all decks to search for unauthorised life forms. He has a point though. In retrospect, even the Belinian spider moth is unlikely to be a coincidence and now, with Beastie and the rodents, questions are being asked as to how many people have smuggled animals aboard.
It's stupid really (smuggling pets aboard). It's not that difficult to put an animal through its medical, fill in a few forms and apply for the Captain's approval although I suppose you are a little at the Captain's whim. If he doesn't like cats for instance, he might not say yes to a cat. I wonder if that's why Beastie was smuggled aboard, not that anybody couldn't love her.
At the moment, she's entertaining herself... correction—Al is entertaining her, with a robotic mouse. Al is hooting with laughter and Beastie is chasing the thing around my quarters like a whirling dervish. I can see why she's fattened up on Wainwright's mice! She's weaving in and out of the furniture with amazing agility and stealth, attacking this poor mechanical creature. Whenever Al stops, she stops too, looks up very disappointingly and miaows, and if that doesn't work, she runs up to Al and reaches up with her paw to pat the controls! This cat is not stupid. She knows what's making all the fun for her. I think, if she could operate the joystick control herself, she would.
But I'm finding it very difficult to laugh. Once the scan has been completed and the 'illegals' identified, they are going to be shipped off with the rodents onto the space station. Of course, that's going to mean Beastie as well. It's made me feel quite miserable. I've grown really attached to her. I can only hope that someone else will become as attached to her as I have and take good care of her.

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