Log Entry 121013.27

In my time I have lived with humans, Klingons, even Dirrians and a Romulan, but never a cat; never any sort of animal in fact. Being raised in care, you simply don't have pets, but you know something? I like having a cat. With a cat, you are never alone and I can tell Beastie (yes, it's a stupid name for a cat but it's all I've got) anything, and she won't tell a soul!
She's a very loving creature too and attentive. She slept at my side all night and watched me contentedly as I dressed this morning. Even when I picked her up and carried her to see Commander Jarrod, she did not complain but purred loudly.
"Good grief!" exclaimed Jarrod. "It's a cat!"
"And not just any cat. This is the Beast that's been haunting me."
"And it explains so much."
"It does?" I asked, puzzled by the remark.
"Yes. We were trying to figure out why more of Wainwright's rodents hadn't made their escape into the Jeffries Tubes and I think we know why now. I think someone's been feasting on the little pests," she said getting up and tickling Beastie under the chin.
"I don't know who she belongs to though."
"Mmm," said Jarrod and returned to her desk. "Computer, do we have any cats registered on board the Drakonia?" she asked.
"There are no cats registered on board the ship," replied the computer in its mundane tones.
"Well that answers your question. She's a stowaway."
I obviously looked startled.
"Yes. It's hard to believe isn't it? The Captain's going to be furious. Wainwright and his rodents are one thing, he was just plain crazy, but a smuggled cat?" She shook her head.
"What will happen to her?"
Jarrod shrugged.
"Well, I'd take her down to Sick Bay and get her checked out medically speaking and then..." Jarrod scratched her head and puffed out a breath of air. "I don't know. Let's see how her medical pans out," and so I took Beastie to Sick Bay.
Dr Franks was also surprised to see a cat on board but greeted her warmly, making a right fuss of her and, happily, the doctor declared her pest and disease free too. He did say, however, that she's a bit overweight "probably from too much mouse!"
As to her future, I'll have to wait and see but in the meantime, I have a cat.

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