Log Entry 170701.211

Things are not going well. The Dirrians continue to show their disdain towards the Mairne, slighting Arunga at almost every opportunity. They are only ever little things but they are very rude ones.
For example, when they take tea, Arunga's is poured into a saucer and put on the floor. It means he has to get down off the stool he has begrudgingly been provided with, and drink like a mere pet.
Arunga, though, rose above it. He looked thoughtfully at the saucer for a moment, and then jumped down with typical feline grace and dignity. He sauntered over to the saucer, sniffed it and began to lap the tea up, enjoying its sweetness. While he drank, Honka tried to continue to talk but found it difficult. He discovered that it was more awkward talking to a cat on the ground than to a dignitary sitting on a stool before him. He had to twist around and down to see Arunga clearly. In the end, he resorted to staring at the ceiling as he spoke which made him seem even more aloof. In retaliation, Arunga remained on the floor once he had finished his tea and began washing his ears with his paws.
I could see exactly what Arunga was doing. If Honka wanted to treat him like a mere cat, then he'd behave like a cat. Honka would feel far more discomfort from it than Arunga would. In fact, I think Arunga enjoyed tormenting him in this way. Doubly so as the method of torment was of Honka's own making.
At one point, as Arunga sat on the mat washing his face, he moved in such a way that I thought he was going to roll onto his bottom, lift a back leg into the air and start licking his arse. Boy! Would I have laughed if he had! As it was, I had to stifle a giggle, smothering it with a cough. I didn't dare look at T'Roc.

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