Log Entry 160220.170

The room we were given was beautiful, luxurious even. A string of French windows lined one wall, opening onto the gardens to let in the fragrant, cool, night air. There were no curtains but the other soft furnishings were lovely. There were a number of chairs and sofas, all upholstered with large, soft cushions and sculpted rugs on the floor. Their muted colours provided welcome relief to those of Dirrian's nature.
A little disturbing, though, was the fact that T'Roc and I would be sharing the room. There were two beds, amply big enough, even for T'Roc, but both next to each other, separated only by a nightstand. Nightwear had also been provided. A pair of silky, white pyjamas lay neatly folded on each bed, and in the adjoining bathroom, all the appropriate accoutrements that one could possibly need.
"Very nice," said T'Roc, "but I hope you don't snore."
So did I.

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