Log Entry 160109.164


If you asked Katherine Jarrod to describe herself in one word, that word would be 'middle' or 'mediocre' or 'average'.
She is the middle child of three girls born to the middle-class Jenny family, who lived in the Midlands, which are located (not surprisingly) in the middle of England. As a child, she was average—always middle in her class regardless of whether it was science, mathematics, English or sport.
Physically, she is of average height, but perhaps a little more portly than she was in her youth, and averagely pretty. She wears little make-up and tends to be rather quiet.
In every way, one would describe Katherine Jarrod as ... average. But personally, I think it's all a front. I think that Jarrod is a woman of exceptional intelligence, but one who hides it behind a cloak of mediocrity. Indeed, at the Academy, she appeared to be little more than average during her four years there. Yet, when it came to her final exams, she passed everything with honours!
Aboard the Drakonia, she was the Head of Maintenance, a rather humble post upon which she was wasted in my opinion. She sat in her office with the mechanism of her department functioning around her like a well-oiled machine. When things needed to be done, they got done. The system for reporting and orchestrating repairs was faultless thanks to the procedures she had implemented. Everybody knew what their function was and did it, so Jarrod spent much of her time in her little office reading up on the latest developments in the worlds of science and medicine or doing puzzles. She likes puzzles.
But she did not remain on the Drakonia. She was promoted to First Officer of the Earhart overnight, and that wouldn't have happened unless she was a lot more than 'average'.
As you already know, Jarrod's maiden name was Jenny, and she was the officer that found me as a baby. Don't get sentimental, though. That's as far as our relationship goes. Although she did size me up as Academy material quite early on ... but that's another story that you'll find in my earlier log entries.
Jarrod is married to Professor Jarrod who teaches at the Academy in San Francisco but she has no children, freely admitting that she is not the maternal type.
She is a bright, cheery woman with a dry, playful sense of humour that compliments T'Roc's, but has a scowl as vicious as a cat-o-nine-tails. She and T'Roc are very good friends and have been since their cadet days.

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