Log Entry 150130.134

I didn't sleep well last night. Things kept going round and round inside my head.
Lizzy had said that Steven Firth was her guardian. She had also stated that she was scared of him and she wasn't lying. I could see it in her eyes when she told me that, but why—and where were her parents?
Urtok had said that she was no one's daughter. He had quickly amended that to no one of importance. Perhaps her parents were dead or otherwise absent. That would explain why she had a guardian, but if that was the case, why would Urtok have felt it necessary to change his statement.
Then there was her stuff in Firth's office. If she had gone home, wherever that was, she would have taken her things with her. Even if the Academy had finally had enough of her acting up and sent her home in disgrace, her personal possessions would have been forwarded to her by now, surely?
And the hairbrush ... that was a lot of fuss over one hairbrush. Talking of which, I still didn't have a brush because I'd left it in Firth's office when I'd swapped it for the datapad.
The datapad!
I bolted upright in bed.
The datapad! I'd forgotten all about that!
Eagerly, I fumbled for the light and grabbed it from the bedside table. How could I have forgotten it?
I switched it on and then ... ENTER PASSWORD.
Oh, bum!
I tried everything I could think of and then, when I did give up and go back to bed, I kept waking up with a new option to try, but nothing worked.

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