Log Entry 141001.117

With the mystery of Beastie's repeated escapes now solved, I can depart for the Academy with peace of mind. Beastie will be staying with Luke for most of the time, but he has a course of his own to attend, so she will also be staying with Rutter.
I've made a full report to the captain about her exploits and I've asked all crew members to report any further sightings of her ... just in case. I think Beastie's a bit miffed about that because she obviously enjoyed her little adventures, but they have to be stopped. Rosie insisted on giving her a medical in case she had been exposed to anything while out and about, and reported back that she was 'in fine health for a cat as heavily obese as she is'. Apparently, 7.5 kilos is not an ideal weight for a cat. She has to shed some of it so she's on a diet too. She's not going to like that at all.
Back to the Academy though, my placement is at San Francisco again, while Al is going to Marseille so I shall be alone this time. Rutter, having completed his penance, isn't going anywhere. I can't say I envy him. I had a fantastic time at the Academy last semester, met lots of new people and made some very good, new friends. I hope to do the same again this time. In the meantime, I'm packed up and ready to go!

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