Log Entry 121124.37

Al is quite simply not talking to us. To be honest, it shocks me. I would never have expected any Starfleet crewman to behave so childishly, and although nothing has been said, I suspect the others feel the same.
In the meantime, we all gathered in my quarters for Games Night. Needless to say, Al didn't come.
John and Sue arrived first and were eager to know what was going on. Why was Al so narked? I made them wait until everybody else arrived though. Whatever was going to be voiced, I only wanted it to be with everyone there, partly to save repetition but also to make sure nothing was misquoted later. Al is, after all, still a friend.
It wasn't long before everybody had arrived and Beastie managed to drag her fat, lazy buttocks off the bed to pester everyone for a cuddle. I really am going to have to think of an exercise routine for this cat. She eats, sleeps, cuddles and then goes back to sleep again. I wonder what other ship's cats do for exercise.
"So what's up with Al?" asked Sue impatiently. Midas filled her in with his usual Vulcan composure.
"It's no excuse," she said. "The way she's behaving is dreadful. I think she went to the Captain with her protest as well."
We all cringed at that. The Captain would not entertain her complaint.
"I'm not sure I'd fancy the Earhart though," said John. "And thankfully, I don't have to worry about that."
"Yes, but you've got yourself a nice little number on the bridge," interjected Icarus. "You get to take the helm from time to time. Me? My area of expertise is science, which begs the question why I'm stuck in General Maintenance... but not for long!" he added gleefully.
We all looked at him expectantly.
"I've taken Jenny's advice and applied for a transfer to the Earhart." His eyes were filled with hope and excitement. Everyone sort of looked at him as though he was mad but I threw my arms around him, congratulating Icarus for his courage.
"He's not the only one," confessed Luke. "I've applied too."
"But you're an Engineer with a post in Engineering? Or do you fancy a change?"
"No, no change. Still Engineering. I just want to progress. I'm hoping to make Lieutenant Junior Grade and I think there are more opportunities for me on the Earhart than here."
With that news, everybody seemed to accept that maybe, just maybe, the Earhart was not such a bad posting after all.
"So, has anyone else taken the plunge?" I asked.
Gideon put his hand up.
"Well, if you're all going, I won't have anyone to play dominoes with," he complained jocularly.
We were all laughing at that... except Tezenia. He was smiling but quiet.
"Tez," I asked. "What's up?"
He smiled.
"Well nothing really. It's just I have some news too—"
"Not the Earhart!" interrupted Sue.
"No. It's better than that actually."
"Yes..." he dragged it out, drew a deep, sharp breath and declared, "I've been accepted into the Academy!"
The room burst into whoops and applause. It was fantastic news! Tez had joined Starfleet as a crewman and had already applied to the Academy once before. He couldn't get in that year, but this year... success!
We were all so happy for him and excited too. We didn't get to play a single game that night. We were too hyper, and too nervous about having to wait for news regarding our postings. Applying for a transfer and getting one are two different things, although if what T'Roc said was true, they'd have a better than even chance of having their requests accepted.

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